New studio project - “Safe Not Safe”

We are announcing the new project our studio is working on. It is a multiplayer game named “Safe Not Safe”.

Concept description, newsletter subscription and link to our DevLog can be found on the Safe Not Safe website.

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Panda School Browser is out!

Panda School Browser was released on Steam:

DRM-Free version and demo are also available at the Panda School Website:

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Panda School Browser is coming on “Steam”

Our in-house project “Panda School Browser” application (renamed from “Panda School Desktop”) have been recently given “Green light” on the Steam platform. We are polishing the app and getting it ready to be released in upcoming weeks. We have already prepared a short trailer describing main features of the application. You can see the trailer and find more details on the related page: Panda School Browser page

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«Projects» page update

Recently, we have updated our projects page. Our most interesting web development projects are presented.

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Bounce Subscribers WP plugin

While creating another site, I’ve made such a simple plugin. It’s goal is simple also: subscribers are not allowed to enter your admin panel. After logging in, they are just “bounced” to whatever page you like (home page, by default).
Why it’s may be useful? Read more…

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Ergo CT#1 goes open-source!

I’ve decided to share with all the world sources of my Ergo Concept Test #1. I hope they’ll help somebody on a hard way of gamedev, or just entertain a little bit :). If anybody gonna find some ideas of this CT interesting, or even better want to take part in further development - feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Custom interface elements

This article is my first tutorial, describing process of creating custom interface elements.

Every modern developer, who had to create interfaces,  no doubt, have used these modern WYSIWYG editors. Of course, this invention gives many advantages - simplicity of use and reduced development time to begin with. But there are quite many projects where standard interface elements are of no use at all. For example, multimedia applications, games or just so-fond-of-design customer. There are two distinct ways to outflank standard interface elements.
Read more…

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