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While creating another site, I’ve made such a simple plugin. It’s goal is simple also: subscribers are not allowed to enter your admin panel. After logging in, they are just “bounced” to whatever page you like (home page, by default).
Why it’s may be useful?
You may create a private section of your site, and your subscribers can access it, by simply logging in. After their login and password are entered, they are redirected to certain page. And they are not entering your admin panel, which may confuse them a little bit :) . To mention more - you can hide some data (links, for example) just in your public posts. It’s easy - check the is_user_logged_in() statement and then choose which message to show.
If this last sentence seams confusing to you - never mind. You can use this plugin just as an additional security precaution. Install it, if you suppose your subscribers have nothing to do in your admin panel.
Plugin is VERY simple - 5 lines of code, actually. But this simplicity can give you some bonuses ;) .

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