In that section we are presenting our most interesting and promising projects. Brief description below, click on the name of a project, to read more about it, if you are interested.

Windows applications:

Name What's it? Website
Safe Not Safe Sci-fi infiltration sim game in development. Infiltrate huge levels. Find and loot the safe. Get out alive.
Contour engine Our team developed the engine for creating interactive map applications (GIS). Then we made one such an application - handy directory with a city map (Contour Petrozavodsk).  
Panda School Browser Windows application, developed for children. Provides ultimate safety by giving access only to whilte-listed internet resources and locking access to any other OS functions. app's page
Altspace Small application which helps you to quickly look up virtually ANY word on your screen in different sources.  

Web development:

Panda School Our new project. Interactive directory of kid's websites combined with Windows application for maximum safety and fun! Panda School - internet for kids
Editorial Interface Prototype The prototype is providing in-page real-time CMS capabilities without loosing informational context. To check available functional press the "Edit" button in the top menu of the demo.
For eZ Publish
demo page
Things' 2nd Life Interactive geo-informational service designed for searching, sharing and discussing different recycling services in several cities.
For Greenpeace
service on
Green Pages Web-service - interactive directory of organizations.
For Greenpeace
service on
Form Streamer Web-service for creating and managing any number of feedback and vote forms.
For Greenpeace
demo version
Artdeco workshop Corporate site for interior design company.
Wordpress platform.
Designed by klibia
Klibia design Portfolio site for freelance designer and photograper.
Wordpress platform.

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