Contour Engine

Contour is a fast and reliable engine able to render (in interactive way) any vector-based map and any content linked to it. Different layers support, and ability to use standart *.MIF files “on-the-fly” as an input simplifies it’s usage greatly.

Engine was developed to build an application Contour Petrozavodsk, with such features as:

  • interactive city map (including navigation, distance measuring, user notes system just to mention)
  • town transport scheme (overlaid on map)
  • directory of more than 3000 organizations (in many ways integrated with map)
  • advertising functions related to map, directory and interface

Map: usage of notes and distance measurer. Directory: clickable addresses (linked to map objects), categories tree, advertisments usage.

Download demo (3.4 Mb) Russian language only.

Developed from scratch on pure Delphi(no annoying side-components) and using OpenGL technologies for rendering, Contour Engine suites well for any imaginary expansions.

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