To develop my own action-fighting game is rather old idea. Martial arts and coding have much in common, and I like both :). That genre is very poorly represented on PC. Hmm, frankly speaking, no such games since Oni (2001!) I can admit.

I wish to create my own game (starting with engine, of course) where you can use martial arts and weapons together easily and without any gamepad or whatever.

Main goal is to develop new kind of fighting - I don’t like this “hitting animations” approach, which is used everywhere. In this approach every action and reaction are created in advance. It seems rather poor to me.

More exciting challenge for me is to calculate real-time and real-physics interactions. For example we can sum every punch’s force with player’s movement force in the same direction, take into count player’s balance etc…

Now I’m on stage of testing concepts. I want to be sure that such a game is possible. If you are still interested you can read about:

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