Ergo Concept Test #1

Testing concepts of my “physical fighting” prototype, named Ergo.

Project was developed on Delphi and using GLScene as graphics engine and Newton as physics engine. Main features:

  • “Physical animation” - physical objects of an actor are linked to his graphical model and copying it’s movements (even blending).
  • Physical calculations of weapon’s shots.
  • Ragdoll (some bugs are still there)
  • Special effects :)


download Ergo Concept Test #1 (2.1 Mb)

P.S. I’ve decided to share with all the world sources of this Concept Test.
I hope they’ll help somebody on a hard way of gamedev, or just entertain a little bit :). If anybody gonna find some ideas of this CT interesting, or even better want to take part in further development - feel free to contact me with any questions.
Requirements for sources:
- Delphi 7+
- GLScene latest version
- Power of will :)

download Ergo Concept Test #1 Source (2.0 Mb)

P.P.S. Also, I have added objects scheme for this project. Enjoy it! (800 Kb):

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